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4.A person who agrees to repay a loan for another person if they are unable to pay
5.This word describes when you are given permission to overdraw your account
8.A person who gives a loan to another person
11.This interest rate is based on the original amount (2 Words)
12.Example of long term source of finance for a business (2 Words)
13.A loan taken out for a fixed period of time (2 Words)
1.A financial institution
2.Example of short term source of finance for a business (2 Words)
3.A loan for a period of more than five years (usually a house)
6.This is the actual rate of interest charged on a loan (reduced balance)
7.It's the price we pay for money borrowed
9.Life assurance policies or company shares are referred as _______ when borrowing from a bank.
10.Example of medium term source of finance for a business

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