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NTC Terms

Destiny McKoy

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1.A character's struggle against nature or another character/can be seen in an actual person too
4.Barbaric/From the middle ages
6.Pursuit of happiness/Archived by controlling physical desires and thus avoiding the pain their indulgence invariably brangs
7.Anything that causes laughter or amusement/A character is a person whose temperament or disposition is out of balance
14.Dealing with heroic characters/Deeds important in the legends and history of a nation or race
15.The flourishing of black creativity in New York in the 1920s/Led by Langston Hughes
17.The error, misstep, frailty or flaw that causes the fall of a tragic hero/The term tragic flaw may be used instead
18.A character who, by contrast, points up the qualities or characteristics of another character/Obierika is a ____ to Okonkwo
19.A lyric poem/Arranged in syllable of five, seven, and five syllables
20.A poem of sorrow or mourning for the dead/A reflective poem in a sorrowful or solemn mood
2.A reference to something/Usually historic
3.Language that contains figures of speech/Metaphor, simile, personification, and hyperboles
5.A metrical foot consisting of two syllables/An unaccented syllable followed by an accented syllable
6.A play centered on historical events/Often given the ten plays in William Shakespeare's First Folio
8.Part of a dramatic plot that follows the conflict/Leads to the catastrophe
9.Poetry that differs from traditional verse/"Free" of the regular beat of meter
10.Meter composed of iambic feet/Consists of an unaccented syllable followed by an accented syllable
11.Poetry consisting of six metrical feet/Strictly patterned verse form in Greek and Latin
12.This technique uses clues to suggest events that occur later in the work/Can create suspense
13.Rhyme based on spelling rather than sound/bough-though, have-grave, watch-catch
16.A short and fairly simple story designed to illustrate a moral lesson/The characters are animals who exhibit human frailties

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