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"The Quiet Man"

Eileen Connolly

1       2  
  3 4    
5                                     6
8     9                        
11                             12   13      
  16                   17    
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    29         30    

1.Narrator of the film
4.It breaks on their wedding night. "Impetuous! Homeric!"
5.The location for this film was made famous by this famous poet (3 Words)
7.Weather for their courtship kiss
8.This color is more durable
9.Sean Thornton's knickname in America (2 Words)
11.Irish air used in the film (hint: Jack Dugan was his name) (3 Words)
13."Sir, here's a good stick to ____ the lovely lady."
14.The film won this academy award
15.Sean Thornton's occupation in America
16.Rules of boxing, from the Marquess of
18.The train station
19.Sean Thornton's grandfather died here
20.Also known as Bing's Father Fitzgibbon
21."Have the good manners not to ___ the man until he's your husband."
24.Location of "The Quiet Man"
26.Name of cottage where Sean was born (2 Words)
28.Danaher's enemies go here: "I've got you down in my ____"
29."If you say ___, mister, you'll never hear the man count ten."
30.Will Danaher's knickname
32.Wayne's Oscar (2 Words)
33.The wealthy widow Tillane actress
34.Nominated for Best Supporting Actor
35."Until you have my ____, you haven't got any bit of me."
2.Story for "The Quiet Man" first appeared in this magazine (3 Words)
3.Kissing scene appeared in this 1982 film
4.What happens to the dowry?
6.The village cabman/matchmaker's first name
8.Event where the conspiracy will trap Danaher
10.Where Sean Thornton lived in America
12.Another O'Hara film rules this holiday
17.Finale fist fight: Danaher vs. the ____
22.Director of "The Quiet Man" (2 Words)
23.Only an American would think of painting the cottage this color
25.What Sean Thornton plants at his cottage
27.Maureen's character (2 Words)
28.How Sean's sleeping bag closes
31."What woman would come into the house with another woman in it?... And one of them a ____"

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