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Enviroscape Vocabulary

The Mad Scientist

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2.excess nitrates and excess phosphates in water lead to depletion of dissolved oxygen
9.This green plant sucks all the dissolved oxygen out of the lake.
10.Where raw sewage is treated. (3 Words)
12.When the Cape Fear River looks all muddy is has a high level of.....
13.Water must contain this dissolved gas for marine life
1.I am the kind of runoff pollution you cannot point to (2 Words)
3.I can point to the source of this runoff pollution (2 Words)
4.Larger area than a watershed where all water flows (2 Words)
5.protected wet areas that filter water and provide habitats.
6.Best place to get your car all cleaned up (2 Words)
7.Do it yourself? Then wash your car here
8.Used for lawns, golf courses, & plants.
11.The area your precipitation ends up in the Cape Fear River

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