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Marriage and the Family

Annie Krieger

This puzzle is for a Women's Studies class.

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1.Patterns of relationships that define family forms.
5.Middle-class mothers might be made to feel guilty for _________ their babies to daycare centers when they choose to work outside the home.
6.The ______ and more educated you are, the more likely you are to get married.
7.Approximately 40-50% of marriages end this way.
8.________ times as many children are born out of wedlock.
9.Family is where most of us first experience our __________ roles.
10.College-educated women are more likely to report themselves _______ in their marriage.
11.The net worth of the wedding industry, in dollars.
12.Living with your significant other before marriage.
15.Society often expects for poor mothers to work ______ the home.
16.The average girl is told from infancy that ____________ is her ultimate goal. It is how we gauge whether someone has "made it".
17.Group marriage
2.Modern brides and grooms tend to be similar. In particular, Americans are increasingly marrying people in the same _____ level.
3.About 25% of all families with children are ___________ (two words) headed.
4.African American women do not face a _______ when they aquire higher education.
7.Legislative Act that maintains the heterosexual nuclear family.
10.The discrimination against non-heterosexual people.
11._________ are offered the highest salaries when given a job.
13.Most parents give the child(ren) the last name of the ________.
14.Most divorces are initiated by the _______.

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