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Chapter 26:Physical Geography of East Asia

Ms. Williams

Look at pages 645-657 to solve crossword puzzle. Write your answer on the actual puzzle and blank part of each hint. (Note page numbers are provided after each hint)

3 4          
  9 10
  11   12 13 14  

2.The ____________ Basin, lie between the kunlun Shan and Tian Shan (pg. 648)
4.The _______________ River, known in Chinese as Huang He is northern China's major river system (pg. 648)
5._____________ a desert whose frequent dust storms make life difficult in Southern Mongolia and north central China (pg. 648)
6.The war-water ___________ Current, flows northward along the southern and southeastern coast of the Japanese island and adds moisture to the winter monsson as it warms the land (pg. 655)
7.Yellowish topsoil called __________________ blown by winds from the western deserts into the air and water (pg. 648)
8.The interaction of ocean currents and winds frequently give rise to violent storms called _________________ (pg. 655)
11._____________ River is southern China's most important river system (pg. 649)
15._______________, bring seasonal weather patterns to East Asia (pg. 654)
16.The Plateau of ____________ in China's southwest quarter, is East Asia's highest plateau region (pg. 648)
17.________________, or island chain of Japan (pg. 646)
1.__________________ and parts of China, the Koreas, and Jpan, has humid subtropical climate, with warm or hot summers and heavy rains from the Pacific monsoon (pg. 652)
3.The _________________ Peninsula juts southeast China Manchurian Plain, separating the Sea of Japan from the Yellow Sea. The peninsula is the home of North Korea and South Korea (pg. 646)
8.West of the Tarim Basin is the __________________ Desert, a dry, sandy desert (pg.648)
9.Mountains weaken the effects of the monsoons. The _____________ Mountains of central China, for example, act as a clear dividing line (pg. 655)
10._______________ River is Asia's longest river at 3965 miles (pg. 649)
12.___________________, separate China from South Asia (pg. 647)
13.________________ China's northern neighbor, occupies about 13 percent of East Asia Land (pg. 645)
14.________________ is a huge tidal wave that gets higher and higher as it approaches the coast (pg. 646)

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