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Chapter 12 Forces and Motion

General Physical Science

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2.the acceleration of an object is equal to the net force acting on it divided by the objects mass.
6.is the product of an objects mass and its velocity. (mass X velocity
7.a force is measured in __________. (N)
8.is the over all force acting on an object .
13.is the tendency of an object to resist a change in its motion.
14.a force that opposes the motion of an object that touches as they move past each other.
15.is a measure of the inertia of an object and depends on the amount of matter the object contains.
16.fluid friction acting on an object moving through the air.
17.whenever one object exerts a force on a second object, the second object exerts an equal and opposite force on the first object.
18.is a force that opposes the direction of an object as it slides over a surface.
20.when a round object rolls across a flat surface.
1.motion of a falling object after it is given an initial velocity.
3.force that acts on objects that are not moving. It always acts in the opposite direction to that of the applied force.
4.state of motion of an object does not change as long as the net force acting on the object is zero.
5.is the force of gravity acting on an object.
9.constant velocityof a falling object when the force of air resistance equals the force of gravity.
10.is the force that opposes the motion of an object through a fluid.
11.mass is measured in this ______________________.
12.______________ is an attractive force that pulls objects together. It is also a force that acts between two masses.
19.push or pull that acts on an object. It can also cause a resting object to move.

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