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Parts of a boat

S. Massey

Various parts of a boat. Good to use at Sea Cadets.

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1.Surface of the Hull between the Bow and the Quarter.
7.Structure allowing vertical access.
11.Closer to the Ship's side.
13.The depth of the keel, at its lowest point, below the waterline.
14.The very back end of the Hull.
16.Direct across the ship from side to side.
20.The line that runs through the centre of the ship from Stern. (5 Words)
23.Deck in the fore part of the ship above the bow.
26.A narrow platform placed between ship and shore for embarkation and disembarkation.
27.Over the Ship's side.
29.Ship's toilets, originally built into the bow of the ship.
30.The position in the Ship's side by which the ship is entered or left. Also describes a passageway in a ship and sometimes used to describe the Brow.
32.Any surface under foot or the floor of the compartment.
33.The greatest width of the Hull.
34.Part of the ship from where it would be controlled (by the Captain in normal circumstances).
35.The very front end of the Hull.
36.The ceiling of a compartment.
2.Right hand side of the ship in relation to facing the front of the vessel. (2 Words)
3.Closer to the Fore and aft Centre line.
4.Curved surface of the hull either side of the stern.
5.An opening in the deck to give access to the compartment below.
6.Any Line which runs from lengthways in the ship from end to end. (4 Words)
8.Middle 3rd of the Hull. (2 Words)
9.Left hand side of the ship in relation to facing the front of the vessel. (2 Words)
10.Curved surface of the hull either side of the stem.
12.Back 3rd of the Hull. (2 Words)
15.The area inside the Hull normally reserved for accommodation. (2 Words)
17.Deck in the after part of the ship.
18.Direction towards the back of the ship. (Stern)
19.The central spine of the Hull, located on the bottom of the ship and extending Fore and Aft along the centerline.
21.The highest complete deck (except in aircraft carriers) usually incorporating the Forecastle and Quarterdecks on modern flush-decked ships. (2 Words)
22.Ship's kitchen.
23.Direction towards the front of the ship. (Stem)
24.The main body of the ship. (2 Words)
25.Front 3rd of the Hull. (2 Words)
28.Walls of a compartment or structure.
31.Deck in the middle of the upperdeck, between the Quarterdeck and the Forecastle.

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