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Interventions Crossword Puzzle

2                       3
6                     7
  9   10               11
12                     13        
  14   15  

2.The theory based strategy or experience to which those of the priority population will be exposed or in which they will take part.
4.a written plan outlining what goes in the priority population will be taught.
6.Planned activities that make up the intervention.
8.Refers to the # of components or activities that make up the intervention.
10.best_______- reccomendations for an intervention, based on critical review of multiple research and evaluation studies that substatiate the efficacy of the intervention in populations and circumstances in which the studies were done, if not its effectiveness in other populations and situations where it might be implemented.
12."an anticipated negative or undesirable consequence designed to influence the performance of an individual or group.
17.best_______- intervention strategies that are original interventions that the planners create based upon their knowledge and skills of good planning processes.
18.the # of program units delivered.
19."an anticipated positive or desirable reward designed to influence the performance of an individual or group."
20.An intervention activity that is created specifically for an individual's needs, interests, and circumstances.
1.___________ channel is the route to which the message is disseminated to the priority population
3.community __________ - the process by which community groups are helped to identify common problems or goals, mobilize resources, and in other ways develop and implement strategies for reaching the goals they have collectively set.
5.the process of dividing a broader population into smaller groups with similar characteristics that are likely to exhibit similar behavior/reaction to an intervention.
7.community ________ - A process in which the ppl in the community become involved in the institutions and decisions that will have an impact on their lives.
9.community _________ - an orientation to community that is strength based rather than need based and stresses the identification, nurturing, and celebration of community assets.
11.a general plan of action for effecting a health problem.
13.best______- intervention strategies of prior or existing programs that have not gone through the critical research and evaluation studies and thus fall short of best practice criteria, but nonetheless show promise in being effective.
14.the breadth and depth of the material covered in a curriculum.
15.the amount of material that can be presented during a single education encounter.
16.Defines the order in which the material is presented

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