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SE Asia Government & Civics

Coach Key

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1.Sharing power between the central and local governments is an example of which form of government?
4.The name of village councils in India.
7.In a confederation government system, most of the power is in the hands of (2 words)
11.What sort of government is the People's Republic of China?
13.In a parliamentary system of government the party with the most representatives chooses what leader? (2 words)
15.government by the few
16.The first woman prime minister in India.
17.Ruled by a king or emporer
19.Which branch of government makes the laws in a presidential system of government?
21.Mao Tse-Tung was the first leader of this country.
24.This Asian country could be described as an autocracy. (2 Words)
26.What group makes most of the important decisions in the government of China? (3 words)
28.Before WWII the heriditary leader of Japan was?
30.The people have a greater role in deciding who the rulers are and what decisions are made.
31.How old do you have to be to vote in India?
32.This Asian country could be described as an oligarchy.
33.The ruler has absolute power
34.The National People's Congress is the elected legislative assmebly in which country?
2.Elected individuals make decisions for the people.
3.This person chooses the president of China.
5.What type of government exists in Japan? (2 words)
6.How many houses were created in Japan whne the constitution was adopted in 1947?
7.Which branch of government is responsible for making and carrying out the laws in a parliamentary system of government?
8.The Association of Southeast Asian Nations is an example of which system of government
9.To favor no special religion.
10.In this government system most of the power is in the hands of the central government
12.The prime minister is the leader in this type of democracy.
14.How oftern are elections for the national government held in India? (2 words)
18.What is the role of the president regarding laws passed by the legislature? (2 words)
20.In this form of government this person is chosen by a seperate vote from the one that chooses the legislature.
22.Indian and Japan have this system of government.
23.How old do you have to be to vote in Japan?
25.How old do you have to be to vote in Chinese elections?
27.Prior to WWII the emperor of Japan was believed to be a _________ descended form the ___________.
29.Which country is the world's largest democracy?
30.In Japan, which part of the government leads the legislative branch?

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