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2           3         4
6   7              
10   11    
        14 15

2.a person who is taking part in an activity or event
5.a plan of action decided by a business, government etc.
7.a person or thing that does something wrong
8.to make sure that something happens or is definite
9.connected with or like the countryside
13.to make a system, government, etc. become less firmly established or successful
16.paid by a government to lower costs of goods so that the prices can be kept low
17.(of land or soil) that plants grow well in
18.to fail to take care of somebody/something
1.in bad health because of lack of food or the right type of food
3.the powerful effect that something has on somebody/something
4.not enough of something, difficult to obtain it
6.weak and easily hurt physically or emotionally
10.something you cannot avoid or prevent
11.a person who is chosen to represent the views of a group of people and to make decisions fro them
12.very great, very strong
14.connected with a town or city
15.to cause a particular reaction or development, especially a bad one

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