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Earth Hazards Key Terms

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1.a margin at which two plates slide past on another
5.the size or strength of a natural hazard
7.a divergent plate boundary formed between two oceanic plates (2 Words)
8.the point on the Earth's surface directly above the focus of an earthquake
9.volcanic material slightly larger than ash
11.the process in which soils behave as a liquid when violently shaken
12.the slow downhill movement of soil
13.a term referring to material ejected from a volcano
15.an upwelling of magma beneath the crust, often found under hot spots
21.a hazard formed when volcanic ash mixes with water
23.a rapid downslope movement of ice, snow and rock
24.a chemical weathering processes whereby minerals expand on contact with water
2.a measure of the level of risk or susceptibility to a hazard
3.the mass movement of debris along a gliding plane
4.rock that allows water to move through it
6.rock debris resulting from weathering processes
10.the way in which an individual or group views a particular situation
12.the outer layer of the Earth
14.the process of tectonic plates being forced down into the mantle
15.___ model, a five stage model of hazard response
16.How often a hazard event occurs
17.the centre of the Earth
18.a scale used to measure the strength of earthquakes
19.ocean waves originating from an under-sea earthquake
20.rotational movement caused by saturation of a slope
22.a semi-molten layer beneath the Earth's crust

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