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Famous People Born in Brooklyn

The Brooklyn Ink

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1.He has his own late night talk show.
4.She starred with Cary Grant in two 1933 movies.
7.This female comedian loves to make fun of stars' fashion choices.
10.He gave Mickey Rourke his comeback role.
13.This famous rapper from Brooklyn was shot and killed in 1997.
15.Though she was born in Brooklyn she now represents CA in the U.S. Congress
16.He's a founding member of a hip-hop trio.
17.Famous for wearing suspenders, this man was born in Brownsville.
18.He was born Benjamin Siegelbaum in Williamsburg.
19.This NBA player was born in Red Hook.
1.This man managed the Dodgers, but not when they were playing in Brooklyn.
2.A member of a famous comedy trio.
3.This former Saturday Night Live cast member won a Golden Globe in 2007.
5.A great character actor of film and television, he now stars in a hit HBO show.
6.He played a father to one of the main characters of a hit 90s TV comedy.
8.This 80s artist died at 27.
9.You don't want to make this actor angry.
11.This hip-hop artist is also an actor and has appeared on Dexter.
12.Her music video was the second one ever played on MTV.
14.Before having her own cooking show, she worked for the White House.

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