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Olivia Wirtz

Filled with fun summer games and words.

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6.Some boys play this sport that includes a mitt, a ball and a bat
10.You can sell this on hot days
11.You wear this to keep yourself from getting sun burnt
14.People like the ____________________ on to cool them off inside
16.You can ride this two-wheel vehicle around the block
17.You use this to dry yourself off after a splash in the pool
19.Boys like to do this, these vehicles have 4 wheels and you can do tricks with it
20.Girls like to wear these to pull their hair up
21.Some people play this sport that includes a ball that people kick into the goals
1.You can put these on to see underwater
2.You wear this to keep your hair from getting wet
3.You put this on to go into the pool
4.You can either jump into this at the pool or drink this to cool you off
5.This comes around once and a while and the man in the vehicle gives you ice cream
7.Frozen treat that is on a stick
8.You can slide down a _________________ to get into the pool
9.You can jump or dive off this into the pool
12.It is always very __________ in the summer time.
13.Some gown-ups do this to stay in shape
15.This is a frozen treat that usually comes on a cone with sprinkles
18.You can play ____________ in the summer where the trees sometimes blow in the wind
19.People do this when they get really hot

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