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Funeral Terms: How much do you know?

CrossOver -Death and Dying Day 2

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1.Any licensed, regulated business that provides for the care, planning and preparation of human remains for their final resting place. Also called a funeral home or funeral service provider.
3.Structure or building designed for the housing of urns of cremated remains. Often looks like a wall with individual niches (small chambers) to hold urns. The niches are sealed, usually with the name of the deceased on the outside.
5.In Roman Catholicism, a service held on the eve of the funeral service.
7.The professional who prepares the body for burial, supervises burial and other services, and maintains a funeral home for these purposes. Also called a mortician or undertaker. (2 Words)
10.The cooling of the body and increased rigidity of muscles that sets in after death. (2 Words)
14.A box or receptacle, called a __________ liner, is made of concrete or other durable material into which the casket is placed to prevent the ground from collapsing.
15._______________ fees are the cemetery fees which cover the cost for the refilling of a grave.
16.Death _________________ is a legal document, signed by a coroner or other medical health professional, certifying the death of an individual
19.Any chamber that holds a casket and human remains. It is an individual chamber in a mausoleum.
21.The ____________ Permit is required by some states for human remains to be buried or cremated.
22.A regulated process using intense heat in a chamber to burn human remains. It typically takes 2 to 4 hours.
23.A structure or building, often on cemetery grounds, that holds caskets and remains.
27.The act of burying a dead body in a grave or of sealing it in a crypt, or the act of burying cremated remains in a grave or niche.
28.Any container made for holding cremated human remains.
29.Ground for burial, at which final aspects of the funeral ceremony are often held
30.The body of the deceased.
31.A traditional watch over the deceased usually conducted by family members and close friends.
32.___________ Room is a room in a funeral home set aside for viewing available caskets, urns, grave liners, etc.
33.A solid "container," usually made of concrete, to prevent leakage from the casket into the soil.
2.A room at the funeral home where the body if placed until the funeral service. (2 Words)
3.The stand on which the casket rests while in state and during the funeral service
4.The ________________ Room is a room in the funeral home set aside for funeral home staff and the bereaved family to make funeral arrangements.
6.Placing cremation ashes in an urn.
8.Refers to any manner in which remains will be finally taken care of, including ground burial, ash scattering of cremated remains and all other forms of placement.
9.Arranging all aspects of your funeral (especially financing) in advance. Also know as Pre-planning.
11.The Funeral ____________ is a large bouquet (25 or more) of cut flowers sent to the residence or the funeral home as a tribute to the deceased.
12.Individuals (usually close friends or family members) who are asked to carry the casket.
13.A scheduled time when the body is on display (if appropriate) and friends and family pay respects to the dead and visit with each other.
17.The procedure using chemicals, such as formaldehyde, to temporarily preserve human remains.
18.A form of public speaking at funerals used to honor and praise the deceased
20.Religious ceremony before the remains are permanently interred, during which the bereaved ritualize their goodbye to the deceased
24._______________ fees are the cemetery fees, which cover the cost for the digging of a grave.
25.These are usually municipally operated places, where bodies found dead are held pending identification by next of kin.
26.The immediate family of the deceased; also applies to other close friends of the deceased.
29.any container designed for holding human remains. It may be made of wood, metal or fiberglass

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