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Public Manners - (puzzle by Pastor Marsh)

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1.Knowledge is only half of the equation - this is the other half
6.Always acceptable regardless of where you are
7.In a car, ask for this before doing something that will affect others
8.Another word for Manners
9.The best kind of example that we can set
12.This is never acceptable in any setting; especially in public
14.What we hope to avoid, especially in public
16.Do this to your cell phone when you arrive at a public event/function (3 Words)
17.To yield, to give way for others, to think of others before yourself
19.Clean up after who?
2.Always rise for this when you hear it being played at an event (2 Words)
3.Code of proper behavior that greases the squeaks in our human contact
4.a.k.a. "treat others the way that you want to have them treat you" (2 Words)
5.When to arrive at a public event or function (2 Words)
10.Open your eyes to what is around you
11.Do this in regards to others; their beliefs, sacraments, customs, etc.
13.Always ___________ before trying to help someone
15.An honest ________ _____ can ease the friction of human interaction (2 Words)
18.Manners were originally put in place by ___________

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