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Mr. Martin

Waterways of the world

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1.water, wider than a strait or channel, connecting larger bodies of water
3.a large body of ocean or sea water that is partially surrounded by land
6.a small, narrow passage of water between two land areas
8.a stream that flows into a larger stream or river
10.the beginning of a stream or river
12.a large natural stream of water that flows into an ocean, lake,or other water
13.a sheltered body of water deep enough to serve as a port for ships
14.a region of water within an ocean and partly enclosed by land
16.the water that forms the source of a river
17.a place on a waterway to load or unload ships
18.man-made waterway used for irrigation or navigation
2.the largest body of water on Earth
4.a large inland body of fresh or salt water
5.a narrow channel that connects two larger bodies of water
7.partially enclosed by land with wide outlet to the sea
9.a man-made lake
10.a body of running water like a brook or small river
11.a broad strait
15.a shallow body of water separated from the sea by sandbars or reefs

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