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Chapter 4 Communicating Verbally

Janell, Shirley, and Christina

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3.Avoiding generalizations by acknowledging the time frame in which we judge others and ourselves.
6.A response that acknowledges and supports another.
8.The rules that dictate the structure of language.
11.The thing a verbal symbol represents.
13.The tendency to use either-or language and speak of the world in extremes.
14.A type of ambiguity that involves choosing our words carefully to give a listener a false impression without actually lying.
15.A word or phrase that has an understood meaning withing a culture but whose meaning is not derived by exact translation.
16.Not able to be seen, smelled tasted, touched, or heard.
1.The process of putting thoughts and feelings into verbal symbols, nonverbal messages, or both.
2.A response that fails to acknowledge and support another, leaving the person feeling ignored and disregarded.
4.The ability to transmit thoughts from the mind of one individual to another through the process of encoding.
5.Able to be seen, smelled, tasted, touched, or heard.
7.The process of developing a thought based on hearing verbal symbols, observing nonverbal messages, or both.
9.The tendency to respond to words or labels for things as though they were the things themselves.
10.The ease with which a language can express a thought.
12.A milder or less direct word substituted for another word that is more blunt or negative.

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