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Emi Gomez

1           2    
3               4
  5   6
8 9 10                        
  13                 14      

1.man who invented the printing press
3.a way of thinking; question everything
10.an incredible artist know for his version of David
11.invented the theory that the planets revolved around the earth
12.sponsored the voyages of Christopher Columbus
13.an independent state consisiting of a city and its surrounding territory
15.the appearance of distance or depth on a flat surface, as in a painting
17.an artist who mastered with wood cuts and engravings
18.court painter for venice
2.the most powerful ruler of england
4.an amazing playwriter; romeo and juliet
5.a time of art, science, and architecture
6.a scientist, artist, and inventor. known as the renaissance man
7.the way the blood moves through the body
8.relating to earthly life rather than to religion
9.spanish writer wrote the Don Quixote
14.a man who studied anatomy and dissected human bodies
15.people who supported the arts by funding them
16.a devide used to lift heavy objects or people
17.a spherical architectural idea used in the renaissance

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