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Teamwork In The Workplace

Crossword Puzzle

2         3     4
7           8        
  11                   12    
13           14                

2.To comfort someone under difficult circumstances.
7.Something that binds objects/people together.
8.Putting in ones opinion.
9.The quality of being patient.
10.A connection or association with someone.
11.Giving good praise/ positive feedback to someone in order for them to complete a goal.
13.A mental process of someone who comprehends something.
15.An act or instance of working together for a common purpose or goal.
1.Continued occurrence or attempts in something.
3.Something or someone being relied on.
4.The act of taking part.
5.The act of communicating.
6.A feeling of deep sympathy for someone who has been stricken with bad luck.
12.Something done through hard work and ______.
14.A number of people involved in something together.

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