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Chapter 24 Vocabulary

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2.Oral, ____ and vaginal sex can put a perso at risk for STIs and HIV
6.A symptom of gonorrhea and symphilis.
8.A type of HIV test where your name is not associated with your results, only a number is.
10.Gonorrhea, chlamydia and syphilis fit into this category of STIs
12.A type of HIV test where your name is used by results are privat
13.HPV and genital herpes fit into this category of STIs
14.An acronym for any disease which can be transmitted sexually
15.A vaccine that can prevent cervical cancer, pre-cancerous genital lesions and genital wars caused by genital HPV infections
18.Having unprotected sex and multiple partners are examples of _____ behaviors, which can put a person at risk for STIs and HIV
19.The inability to conceive children
20.An acronym for the virus which causes AIDS; a virus that attacks the immune system
22.A global epidemic
23.This disease causes a discharge, usually with painful urination in men; most women are asymptomatic
24.An acronym for the human papilloma virus or the virus that causes genital warts
1.Infections caused by this disease are the most prevalent and the most damagind of all STIs seen in the US today. Consequences includes PID and infertility.
3.Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome
4.a term meaning "showing or causing no symptoms"; but lab tests may be positive for the disease.
5.A symptom of secondary syphlis; usually found on hands and/or feet
7.Chemical agents that destroy disease-causing micro-organisms while leaving the patient unharmed
9.Term meaning the period between becoming infected with the HIV virus and the point at which tests can detect antibodies
11.an occurence of a disease in which many people in the same place at the same time are affected
14.The STD which is diagnosed and treated according to its stage and which can cause severe damage and/or death if not treated appropriately and timely
16.A term meaning to not engage in sexual activities by choice and the ONLY 100% way of not contracting an STI or HIV
17.A slang term for pubic lice
21.A slang word for the infection caused by Trichomonas vaginalis

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