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Vanessa M. Tripp

Note: There are 26 words. If there is a phrase there is no spaces in this puzzle.

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2.A religion and or race. These people took up most of the people in the Holocaust.
6.The German secret police.
7.The first five books of the Bible.
8.To be unpleasant to people because of their beliefs or race/color. (Can also mean to kill)
9.This country was Hitler's first target to eliminate.
12.The Jewish (and other religions) Almighty King.
13.The symbol for Judism. (3 Words)
17.This can be a language or a race. It starts with a G.
20.A camp which help prisoners with little space awaiting to be killed or to become a labor slave (2 Words)
22.To eradicate. In this case the Germans exterminated a huge amount of Jews.
24.An airtight room in which was filled with poisonous gas to kill Jews. (2 Words)
25.A mass murder of Jews through the early 1940's-1945.
26.This was a type of cart on a train. This was used to transport Jew from the ghettos to a concentration camp. (2 Words)
1.In the Holocaust this happened to everyone. This decided if you lived or died.
3.The symbol of the German Nazi party.
4.A cosed off area in which Jewish people we forced to live and stay inside.
5.A place to burn a person's body to ashes.
10.a camp which is used to kill many people at one time. (2 Words)
11.The German leader during the Holocaust. (2 Words)
14.Officers which were set up for Adolf hitlers bodyguards. They also ran the concentration camps. (2 Words)
15.The largest concentration camp.
16.To purposely kill a mass amount of people, especially including a specific race.
18.This happened to all the Jews. Every Jew got (blank) form where they lived to a concentration camp.
19.This is the second of the great wars. This war was fought on six continents. (3 Words)
21.A political party in Germany. Also called National Socialist German Workers' Party
23.What comes at the very end of a life.

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