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TARGET - T1870

Team Member George L


1 2   3               4 5   6
      7             8
9                       10      
      11     12          
13             14                      
17             18                 19                
    24           25  
26         27 28          
    29                       30    
  32     33                
        35               36
37   38                
      39 40        
41       42                
43       44            
45                 46               47      
  49       50   51                
  53           54          

1.Biggest sale day of the year
5.One of our free food staples in the breakroom
7.A simple means of staying alive during the early morning shifts
9.Daves us 10% on all purchases
11.Allows us to remove the product from their shipping boxes
13.Cleaning crews floor scrubber
17.The Team that sets up the new look throughout the store
19.Our coffee pusher
21.When our store became known as TARGET
23.Target's last reported position in the Fortune 500 Companies
24.Our Matt Damon look-a-like
26.Mr. Fix-it
28.Human Resources Chief
29.The early hours team that move merchandise from the backroom to the floor (2 Words)
30.Resource that reads bar codes
33.Not Softlines
34.Things we can't afford
37.Sections that contain items only for a certain season or seasonal event
40.Our Braves fan
41.The means that our customers use to collect items to buy
42.Where merchandise is stored
44.Our company magazine
45.Crew who unloads the truck and gets the merchandise on the shelves (2 Words)
46.Our store jack of all trades
47.Mr. Presentation
48.Where our personal items are kept
49.Holds back merchandise that might otherwise roll off the shelves
53.Our communication devices
54.Team member time for recognition and praise and company updates
55.The machine that delivers us goods to sell to the public
56.Distintive hair style worn by Nate
2.Manager in charge on the floor at any given time
3.Assists customers as they enter the store
4.The main target color
6.Check out line maestro
7.Sneakers worn by Lou
8.What the Flow team does
10.Our employer
12.Our cardboard baler
14.The number one Gamecocks fan at store #1870
15.Where most executive decisions are made
16.Fastest stocker on the floor....at least in presentation
18.Where the grown men shop
20.Our Target store home
22.Aisle that holds home cleaning products
25.Team member identification
27.Items that have no place to set on the shelves.
31.Four wheeled cart used to move merchandise to the floor
32.Items on extreme sale
36.The Flow team's most hated packing material
38.Sale's specials denoted by red or yellow display cards in shelving
39.Replaces water lost by team members
42.Our mascot
43.Who won the Valentines Card contest
44.This helps save an additional 5% on purchases
45.Target's NASCAR stockcar number
50.Our pants
52.Cart that backstock is stacked on to get it back to backstock area

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