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Cerebrovascular System

Allison Cochran

1 2
3                 4                                
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3.Supplies blood to the medial surface of the frontal lobe and part of the parietal lobe and supplies blood to the anterior four-fifths of the corpus callosum
6.Traps blood clots as they travel up the vena cava preventing them from reaching the lungs
9.vessels that supply oxygenated blood to the brain
10.the Vertebral and Carotid artery systems and distributes blood supply to the brain
11.Protects brain from “foreign” toxins and maintains a constant environment for the brain
12.Most common and formation of a localized clot over time, growing larger with time
14.Generally no warning signs are seen and is caused by a wandering clot that breaks free from a thrombus
15.is a technique used to widen the narrowing in your artery without surgery and the basic idea is to position a catheter with a small inflatable balloon on the end within the narrowed section of the artery
1.May be congenital and trigger seizures and recurring headaches
2.Supplies blood to the medial and inferior surface of the occipital lobe and supplies blood to the temporal lobes
4.A type of circulatory system that delivers oxygenated blood and glucose to the cells through a system of arteries and removes waste and byproducts via the venous system
5.Largest intracranial vessel supplying blood to the entire lateral surface of the brain and supplies blood to parts of the basal ganglia structures
7.A type of blood flow test
8.Surgical procedure to open and clean out carotid artery to prevent thrombotic strokes
13.due to atherosclerosis

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