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British Romanticism


Covering pages 754-765 in the Holt McDougal British Literature book.

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2.Labor unions were _____ during the Peterloo Massacre.
5.Unemployed factory workers smashed the ____ they blamed for taking their jobs away.
9."I will not reason and compare," was completed by _____.
13.Nu-y-Glo Ironworks, Wales (1788) was completed by _____.
14.John Constable was considered a ____ as he was not made a member of the Royal Academy until his 50's.
16.Robert Burns wrote _______ songs.
19._____ argued that an economy works best with out government intervention.
20.Charles Lamb won fame fror writing ________ essays.
22.Wordsworth developed into a poet of the ______ man.
23._____ died of a fever while helpin Greeks fight for independence.
24.To the romantics, emotion became more important than ______.
25.Radicals massicured and _______ thousands of French aristocrats during the Reign of Terror.
1.The leader of the Bristish Fleet was ________.
3.In many ways, romanticism as a literary style, begain in ______.
4.Sir Walter Scott wrote long ______ poems.
6.John Keats wrote sonnets, odes, and ballads that used nature as a starting point for _____ meditations.
7."The ______ overflow of powerful feelings," described poetry.
8._____ developed a method of preventing small pox.
10.Frankenstein's monster can be seen as the ___ and expression of Shelley's social fears.
11._____ eloped to the continent with Godwins 16-year-old daughter.
12.Blake could not accept the _______ idea of a stable, orderly hierarchy in the universe.
15.John Keats died from _____.
17.________ over extended himself by invading Russia.
18.Romantic poets _____ the measured, witty heroic couplet.
20.Widespread ________ helped lead to the romaticism period.
21.______ lived with her brother in Grasmere.

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