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Economy and Government Crossword

claudia ramirez


2                   3
5                     6    

1.A given economy is the end result of a process that involves its technological evolution, history and social organization, as well as its geography, natural resource endowment, and ecology, as main factors.
2.is the desire to own anything, the ability to pay for it, and the willingness to pay[1] (see also supply and demand).
5.Forms of monarchy differ widely based on the level of legal autonomy the monarch holds in governance, the method of selection of the monarch, and any predetermined limits on the length of their tenure.
7.the amount of a product which is available to customers.
9.is a natural resource with the ability of being replaced through biological or other natural processes and replenished with the passage of time.
10.is defined as an autocratic form of government in which the government is ruled by an individual: a dictator.
11.a subdivision in a federal state that is under the direct control of a federal government.
12.is a movement to create a classless, moneyless, stateless social order structured upon common ownership of the means of production, as well as a social.
13.where prices are determined by supply and demand. Free markets contrast with controlled markets in which governments actively regulate prices and/or supplies.
1.is a natural resource which cannot be produced, grown, generated, or used on a scale which can sustain its consumption rate, once depleted there is no more available for future needs.
3.refers to the market value of all officially recognized final goods and services produced within a country in a given period.
4.a refers to the legislators, administrators, and arbitrators in the administrative bureaucracy who control a state at a given time, and to the system of government by which they are organized.
6.is an egalitarian form of government in which all the citizens of a nation together determine public policy.
8.is a form of power structure in which power effectively rests with a small number of people.
9.is a form of government in which the government is officially apportioned to the control of the people, or a significant portion of which, and where offices of state are subsequently directly or indirectly elected or appointed.

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