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Consumer Math Vocabulary

Mr. Glynn

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2.______ blue book is a trusted resource in researching the cost of an automobile
6.When you plan an airplane trip, you might look at a _______ to find out the departure and arrival times
7.Average _______ balance is the average of the balances in a charge account at the end of each day in the billing period
10.the amount of money that is saved by buying an item at the sale price
13.Sales ______ is a cash register tape or sales slip showing the selling price of items purchased, any sales tax, and the total purchase price
14._______ charge is the interest which a charge or credit card user pays for delaying payment
18.Unit _______ is the cost per unit measure or count of an item
19.type of tax that you are charged based on how much you earn
20.To transport a large number of people, you could _______ a bus
22.A decrease in the value of your car because of its age or condition is called _______
24.an economic condition during which there are price increases in the cost of goods and services
26.If you do not have a car, you can _______ one for a day or more
27.To help determine your premium, the automobile insurance company assigns each driver a driver rating _______ based on age, marital status, etc.
29.a record prepared by the bank listing all transactions the bank has recorded
30.a tax charged on the selling price of an item or service provided
31.a written order directing the bank to deduct money from your checking account to make a payment
32.amount of money that you take out of your checking or savings account
33._______ loan is a loan whereby the lender has the right to sell the property if payments are not made
35.You can find price information on used cars that were purchased from dealers during the previous month in a used-car _______
1._______ balance is the amount that a charge or credit card user owed at the close of the last billing period
3._______ activities are activities that you pursue during your spare time
4.the amount of money that you put into a checking or savings account
5.A city own bus or Metro Train is called _______ transportation
8.the kind of interest that is charge on a mortgage loan
9.The total of the base price, options price and any destination charge is the _______ price
11.____-____ mortgage is a mortgage that after a few years is renewed at the current market interest rate
12.You can take a taxicab if you can afford the _______
15.an amount owed upon which interest charged is calculated
16.The _______ clause in your insurance policy states that you must pay a portion of any repair bill
17.obtaining an agreement between two financial records by accounting for outstandingitems
21._______ fee is the money you pay for the privilege of using the facilities of a health club
23.the amount of money paid for the use of money
25.the amount of money in your checking or savings account
28._______ balance is the amount of money that remains unpaid in a charge account
34.Markdown _______ is the markdown of an item expressed as a percent of the regular selling price

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