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The Odyssey

Megan Simeone

The Odyssey

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3.A nymph who falls in love with Odysseus (but lets him go when Hermes tells him to)
8.Six headed monster, lives on a cliff, snatches Odysseus' men off his ship
9.The goddess of wisdom that helps Odysseus get home
13.Odysseus' son
15.Odysseus' wife
16.God of the sea, Odysseus offended him and that made his journey harder (he was traveling by boat)
1.Odysseus' dog
2.Cyclops, a son of Poseidon (who Odysseus made angry)
4.The wind god that gives Odysseus a bag of winds to help him home
5.An old man of the sea that will answer any question, but only if you can catch him
6.Odysseus' home
7.A witch, turns men into pigs
10.Leader of the "evil" suitors who try to "steal" Odysseus' wife
11.A monster who live under the surface of the water and eats whole ships
12.A (blind,dead) prophet who helps Odyseus
14.A Trojan War hero that helps Telemachus find his dad

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