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UNRAVEL Mystery Crossword Puzzle

Michelle Johnson-Lane

Solve the Unravel mystery after you have read the story about Matilda, born in 1947, is a biracial child who has a black mother and a white father during the time of segregation.

She suffers from depression because of her father's abandonment, stepfather's abuse, classmates torture, and mother's illness.

Journey through her life experiences as she grows up in Seattle, Washington until she moves away to attend the University of Maine where she mets her best friend Tilly. For the first time, she shares all of her inner most thoughts.

Matilda decides to drop out of sight after Tilly finds her future husband. Matilda has entrusted Tilly with her personal belongings which includes a keepsake box containing her mother's mementos.

Take the journey through Unravel to see just how careful Tilly is at protecting Matilda’s secrets after she becomes the Matriarch of the Maxwell Family.

1     2   3    
6                 7
12             13  
  14   15          
  17     18        

1.Personalized memento
4.To cause pain
6.Biracial child
9.Drop out of sight
10.Separating racial groups
12.Child's male parent
14.City where Matilda was raised
16.Matilda's father's race
18.Place of burial
2.A vow
3.To leave behind
5.Mother who rules
7.Male spouse
8.Feeling down
11.State Matilda moved to
12.Regard for another
13.A promise to keep silent
15.Physical or mental anguish
17.Matilda's mother's race

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