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WHS Definitions

Karen Heath

An introduction into definitions and terms used in the new Australian national model Work Health and Safety (WHS) Act introduced in 2012.

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2.Occupational Overuse syndrome - Is an injury caused when using your body in unnatural positions, or carry out repeated actions. For example at the computer or being on a factory assembly line or playing music for a long time. Problems occur in muscles, joints or tendons.
5.Person conducting a business or undertaking
6.An industrial organisation that represents workers.
7.Worker replaces the term employee in the national model WHS Act 2011 and includes; employees, contractors, volunteers, apprentices, work experience students. Under the model Work Health and Safety (WHS) Act, workers must take reasonable care for their own health and safety and that of others.
11.A person elected by employees to represent them on the Occupational Health and Safety Committee. (2 Words)
12.When a person becomes ill because of mental strain causing psychological illness through negative experiences at work.
13.The lifting, lowering and moving of objects by a person. For instance, carrying boxes of house bricks. (2 Words)
14.Personal Protective Equipment - Equipment used by workers to protect them from hazards in the workplace such as safety boots and helmets, gloves, goggles, aprons or sunscreen.
17.Chemicals that can harm a person’s health causing illness, injury or disease. (2 Words)
18.Anything that might cause harm to a person
19.NSW Govt. organisation responsible for Work Health and safety Law (2 Words)
20.The sharing of information and exchange of views on occupational health and safety matters between managers and workers or their representatives. This may include participating in decision-making on OHS issues.
22.Instruction on how to do a job safely. For example operating a forklift.
25.PCBUs, workers, officers and others: they have responsibilities under the new Work Health and Safety Act. (2 Words)
27.The probability that harm might come to a person.
28.Frequently used in the new Act to describe what is, or was at the time, reasonably able to be done to minimize a hazard. (2 Words)
29.Occupational Health and Safety - Keeping people safe and healthy at their place of work by prevention of accidents, injury and illness.
30.The way employees should be trained to do a job safely. (3 Words)
31.Work Health and Safety Act. The main law in NSW covering the responsibilities and rights of employers and workers. It also outlines fines and penalties for breaking the law. (2 Words)
32.A broad term that can be applied to a person who: Is a director or secretary of the corporation; or who makes, or participates in making decisions that affect a substantial part of the business or corporation; or has the capacity to significantly affect the corporation’s financial standing; or in accordance with whose instructions or wishes the directors of the corporation are accustomed to act; or A receiver, administrator or liquidator of a corporation.
33.The process of managing risks caused by hazards in the workplace. Risk management involves hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control. (2 Words)
1.A person who carries out work for the employer. Replaced by the word Worker in the national model WHS Act 2011.
2.A group where consultation between employer and employee representatives takes place. (5 Words)
3.Provisional improvement notices.
4.An approved code of practice (COP) provides practical guidance to meeting legislative obligations. (3 Words)
5.Any machinery, equipment or tools used at work.
8.Safe work Australia’s (national) WHS framework.
9.A method of deciding what is the best or most practical way to reduce the risk of injury by an identified hazard. For example stopping the load noises in a factory is better than handing out ear plugs. (3 Words)
10.Rays of the sun that can damage the skin and cause skin cancer. (2 Words)
15.Health & safety representatives.
16.The immediate and rapid movement of people away from the threat or actual occurrence of a hazard.
21.The responsibility of the employer to look after the health and safety of people at work. (3 Words)
23.A person from a union given legal power to enter a workplace on occupational health and safety issues. (2 Words)
24.The premises of the employer and any place where an employee carries out work.
26.The person chosen by the employer to organise and oversee the work carried out by employees.

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