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The Doll's House

Chelsea, Lorna, Krista

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  3   4    
6 7   8                

3.What fascinated Kezia about the doll house?
5.Who is the oldest Burnell sister?
7.The children aren't allowed to talk to the Kelveys because they are ______.
10.In the doll house, what covered all the floors except the kitchen?
1.What type of setting is in the doll house?
2.What type of sympol is the lamp?
4.Who did they get the doll house from?
6.What kind of candy did the girls relate the doll house to?
8.What is does the Kelveys mother do for a living?
9.What did Emmie Cole say that Lil Kelvey was going to be when she grew up?

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