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Legislative Process

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1.An inclination to favor one group or view or opinion over alternatives
6.Division of existing committee that is formed to adress specific issues
7.The most powerful and highest ranking official within a political party
8.All persons represented by a legislator or other elected officeholder
10.the party member who directs the activities of the minority party on the floor of a legislative body, as of the U.S. Congress.
12.Dividing up votes on proportion
14.Enough power to personally influence a party leader via first person contact
15.Legislative committee composed of members of both houses
17.Provision, unlikely to pass on its own merit
20.A formal meeting for discussion
2.The presiding officer of the House of Representatives
3.10 days before end of session; effective veto
4.Electoral district form which one person is chosen by the voters for each office on the ballot
5.Unwritten rule in both houses of Congress
9.Permanent committee in a legislative body
11.a person who tries to influence legislation on behalf of a special interest;
13.Composed of two legislative bodies
16.Laws limiting how long a person may remain in office
18.218 or more to vote
19.Cheif executive's power to reject a bill passed by legislature

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