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Crossword April 2012

Rajas Bodas

1 2 3
4             5      
8 9                     10
  12   13  
    14         15        
    16 17        
19         20                

4.Citizen's ombudsman
5.Authority which deals with companies and PSUs in poor financial and commercial condition
7.An important concept in MSMED Act
9.A security whose price is dependent on underlying asset
11.A person who brings an action in consumer court
18.Value of forgone options
19.Abbreviation, Regulating authority in insurance business in India
20.A formal sworn statement of facts
21.A special court established for speedy disposal
1.To pardon
2.An obligation owed by debtor to creditor
3.Return on shares
6.Union cabinet minister of Corporate Affairs
8.An Admission of misdeeds
10.A rise in the prices of economy
12.Person assuming statutory liability for non-compliance by a factory
13.An operator who expects the share price to fall
15.Well diversified 50 stock index accounting for 22 sectors of Indian economy
16.Charging of immovable property for the debt
17.Amount spent and not recoverable

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