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Algebra 2 Trig

Aliyah Phillips

Algebra 2 - Trig/ 3a Bowie Minnis March 26, 2012

3               4
      5         6      
7   8                
9               10                
12               13    
14       15  
    16   17                  
19                 20                

3.the answer itself
5.act of plotting a series of points
8.symbol or number above another number or symbol to tell the power
9.a quantity expressed as a root
10.you use this formula when you have ax^2+bx+c=0 and want to solve for x
12.the answer itself
17.act of separating an equation or formula into components parts
18.the number whose cube is equal to a given number
19.determine the value
20.something thats not real is _______
21.highest of lowest point
22.1/2 is a _____
23.number before a variable
24.line of symmetry for a graph
1.numbers when multiplied together produce a given product
2.the result of division
3.result of addition
4.result of multiplying
6.where a line intersects an axis
7.mathematical expression thats the sum of three monomials
11.to make less complicated
13.a number that when squared yields a given number
14.a rectangle having four equal sides
15.use _____ to find how many solutions
16.an statement that say both sides of the equal sign are equal

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