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iSe Level D



3 4      
5       6 7 8    
9         10      
  12         13       14
    15   16      
17         18        
22     23
  24       25 26

2.to choose or select
4.a long flat part on an aircraft that makes it able to fly
5.go somewhere quickly or do something quickly.
8.a building or a room with special equipment for scientific experiments
9.Pick up sticks and ______.
10.to go to stores and buy something.
12.a very young bird
13.a large hole
16.journey or visit
17.it has a black ______.
18.come down from the air to the ground.
20.a living thing that grows in the earth and has a stem, leaves, and roots.
21.to hit your hands together to show that you have enjoyed something
22.Can rocks _____ from space?
24.a large bag made of strong material
27.It was as big as his ______.
28.if you ____ something, you take it or pick it up suddenly or roughly.
29.pleased or happy
1.if you ___ something, it turns quickly around a central point.
3.to talk in a friendly way.
6.someone or something that is ____ moves or things with great speed
7.a strong desire or longing for something
10.if you _____ something or someone, you see them.
11.Dad, come ________.
12.It is a ________ off a big, big rock.
13.A small area of water that is smaller than a lake.
14.to repair something
15.smooth and even
19.an out door area with tents or cabins
20.a good friend
22.very small pieces of dirt you can find inside buildings.
23.to ____ someone or something is to go past them without stopping.
25.to make a hole in the ground
26.the work that someone does to earn money

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