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Kevin's Least Favorite Favorites That are Somehow Favored Words

Samuel Kim p.1

Out of Kevin's favorites, there are his least favorites, and you're lucky enough to have a guy weed them all out for you and put them in one giant painful crossword puzzle.

2       3            
7                       8
10               11                  
15 16         17         18              
        19               20  
    22               23
24           25        

2.where King Arthur passes out the snack food
5.the Fair Gwen's word for "everything is cool"
6.what we all were before plumbing was invented
7.education that tastes good
10.a vegan
11.the language of Jabba the Hut
13.all at once
15.more than a quadrillion, less than a septillion
18.what Grim says when surprised
19.the opiate of the massives
22.what you say to a moose when you want it to leave
24.another word for blockhead
25.what the aardvark says when it eats ants
1.boring conversation about the good old days
3.a source of knowledge, fun, and rude jokes
4.a place that always lies over the next horizon
8.any disgusting food, as in muciferous tapioca
9.a measure of electricity equal to one joule per second
12.one who can sneeze a hotdog through his nose
14.too hot to eat
16.a horse who makes a point
17.a mighty dude called Max, saved his pal from bad attacks, then they conquered the world, with banner unfurled, and time left over for snacks
20.a needlessly confusing word for needlessly confusing
21.to make a stupid mistake
23.another word for falling down

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