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Great British


The best of British

1     2
6               7
  9     10    
  11     12    
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1.When he rings, you can talk
3.He saw no ships
5.He thought that only the strong survived
6.A stale loaf led this man to discover an important cure
9.Helping organise the Olympics for 2012, having won gold in 1984
11.This Sir has 3 Olympic gold medals for pedal power
13.Led us in tough times and gave rallying speeches
15.Only 4 Olympic gold medal for rowing!
17.100m sprinter's surname, Olympian with a gold medal
18.Navy Captain who discovered the antipodean continent
19.Take Pride in this lady's work
21.Surname of person with 5 consecutive Olympic gold medals for rowing
22.Breaking world records almost daily; 2 consecutive Olympic gold medals
24.Experimental scientist who was big in the field of electromagnetism
25.Father of the computer
26.World famous playwright
2.Liverpudlian poet, one of the Fab Four
4.Military and political leader curing the English Civil War
6.She's on a fiver and reformed prisons
7.Engineered a way to go west
8.A falling apple gave this chap an idea
10.Dame who won two Olympic golds
12.The Lady With The Lamp
14.First woman to climb Everest alone and without oxygen
16.Powerful Queen who led an uprising against the Roman Empire
20.Father of English literature, poet and Canterbury storyteller
23.Second in command of the fleet against the Spanish Armada

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