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Chapter 9 and 10

A review of chapters 9 and 10 from "The Interpersonal Communication Book" for the Intro to Communications course.

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1.The "Relationship _________ Theory" states that relationships are held together by adherance to certain rules and when those rules are broken so is the relationship.
3.The "Relationship ________ Theory" aruges that people in a relationship experince dynamic tensions between pairs of opposing motives or desires.
7.uncertanity reduction theory, attraction theory, rules theory, social exchange theory and equity theory are all theories about relationship __________.
10.feeling what another person feels from that person's point of view without losing your own identity.
11.the stage where you comit yourself stilll further to the other person and establish a relationship in which this individual becomes your best or closet friend, lover, or companion.
12.This theory holds that people form relationships on the basis of attraction.
13.One reason relationships last is that partners employ effective relationship __________.
15.Significant relationship events that have importatnt consequences for the individuals and the relationship may turn its direction or trajectory. (2 Words)
17.The "Social ______ Theory" climes that you develop relatinships that will enable you to maximize your profits. The theory begins with the equation" Profits = Reewards - Costs
18.The "Social _________ Theory" is a throry not of why relationships develop byut of what happens when they do develop; it descreibes relations in terms of the number of topics that people talk about and the degree of "personalness" of those topics.
19.a reaction to relationship threat; if you feel that someone is moving in on your relationship partner, you may experience this, especially if you feel that this interloper is succeeding.
2.You should seek ______ after a breakup along with taking a time out and avoiding uncomfortable symbols
4.After perception there is useally _______. Here the contact is superficial and relatively impersonal. It is also the stage where you exchange basic information. (2 Words)
5.This theory states that if you could construct a mate it would be someone who would look, act and think very much like you.
6.this theory uses the ideas of social exchange but goes a step farther and claims that you develop and maintain relationships in which the ratio of your rewards relative to your costs is approximately equal to your partners.
7.This happens when relationships end and can be for a variety of reasons.
8.often called the interpersonal _______ or the relationship __________ this is a _______ to violate some relationship expectation, custom or rule. As the relationship develops so does this.
9."Relationship _______" stage is characterized by a weakening of the bonds between friends or lovers.
14.behaviors that are behaviors that serve to continue or maintain your relationship.
16.this stage is not always pursued however those that progress through this stage often analyze what went wrong and consuder ways of solving difficulties.

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