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Purnell Model for Cultural Competence

Dr. Nosek

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3.addresses the views related to head of household, gender, alternative lifestyle, etc.
7.the number of inner pie-shaped sections
11.views that are less likely than others to change over time and may include ghosts
12.a human being who is constantly biologically, psychologically, sociologically and culturally adapting
13.as a result of this, people are forced to alter their worldviews
15.the number of outlying rims
16.mountains, history, economics that influence connection with one another is part of this
18.the type of behavior that may be part of a customs or rituals that impact health
19.the type of practice that impacts responsibiliy for health, responses to pain, etc.
20.the reason for emigration is part of this domain
1.Illustrates the nonlinear process of acquiring cultural competence
2.health educators must be aware of these patterns as it can affect interactions
4.expands or contracts depending on user's level of cultural competence
5.what cultural competence is instead of an end-point
6.this concept has been used in developing resilience in African American children
8.practices related to fertility, conception, pregnancy, and birth
9.some cultures prefer these to be of the same sex as one who is receiving the care
10.quality of interpersonal relationships may be more important than punctuality
14.variations in the physical and biological aspects of racial and ethnic groups
15.two or more people who are emotionally connected
17."hot" and "cold" selections are believed to prevent or cause illness

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