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Continental Europe - The Alps and more!!!

Tom Hauser

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  11                   12            
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29           30      

2.largest city in Switzerland; also the hub of international investment and gold trade
4.guaranteed to Switzerland after Napoleon attacked in 1815
8.type of government ruling in Liechtenstein since 1699
9.Alps are home to this exotic mountain goat
11.nickname for the Swiss Plateau
12.government of Liechtenstein earns lots of money selling these
14.Lie in France and Italy
17.Germany to Austria
18.A great snowy barrier
19.known for baroque architecture and musicians
21.Protestant reformer who found safety in Switzerland
23.capital of Swizerland
24.with the Rhine, these are the 2 important rivers
25.home of Rhine Falls, the most powerful in Europe
27.author of The Institutes of the Christian Religion
28.created the nation of Switzerland
29.contains canal system that links Germany to France
30.660 miles long
1.along with Lake Geneva, the 2 largest lakes in Switzerland
3.international organization that makes its home in Geneva
5.result of the foehn keeping the climate mild
6.railroad tunnel that is 12 miles long
7.famous for its rare triple cirque peak
10.Between Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn; links France and Italy
13.in 1291, location of 3 cantons that declared independence
15.it inspired the leaders of the French Revolution
16.family that gained control of Austria in 1282
20.dialect spoken in Liechtenstein
22.Can be found in Switzerland
26.how Switzerland is divided; were once Catholic Church districts

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