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NT1330 - Networking Concepts

B. Scales

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1._________ notation describes a network b specifying the base address and the nubmer of bits used for hte network portion.
4.________ allows administrators to configure TCP/IP by automatically assigning unique IP address while preventing duplicate address assignment and also to provide other important settings such as default gateway, subnet mask, DNS, etc.
6.is a hierarchical structure that refers to the logical partitioning of an organization's network address range into smaller block.
8.is used to identify which network the TCP/IP host resides on by defining where the network address stops and the host address begins.
9.___________ address is the portion of the IP address that is unique to a particular computer or host
2.allows a host to communicate with devices that reside on a remote network or location.
3.DNS uses ________ to map a host name to an IP address.
5.addressing is when the field for the network number was a different length fpr different classes of network, and the remaining bits were used for the host numbers.
7._________ address is the portion of the IP address that is shared by all TCP/IP hosts on a particular network or subnet.

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