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egypt puzzle

adam kenny

2     3    
    4     5  
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14             15   16

1.the ability to read and write (in egyptian)
2.what the pharoh ruled over
4.what a scribe does
6.used in races (2 wheels)
9.the life after death
11.humped animals used for mass transportation
13.a long period without water
14.used to divert water to towns and crops
18.he calls osirus dad
1.place where the dead live and the sun goes at night (4 Words)
3.what the slaves of egypt built
5.the number of gods and godesses with bird heads
7.river that runs thruought egypt
8.the ruler of egypt
10.god of earth
12.used in races and farming (4 legs)
14.drink of the pharoh
15.fields of human controlled plant growth
16.statue/tomb of the pharoh
17.dead corpse of the royals

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