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Configure and Manage the DHCP Server Role

B. Scales

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1.You must ______________ a DHCP server in Active Directory before the server can issue leases to DHCP clients.
3.All DHCP messages are carried in ________ ___________ Protocol (UDP) datagrams using the well-known port numbers 67 (from the server) and 68 (to the client).
5._________ can dynamically allocate an IP address from a pool of addresses and then reclaim it when it is no longer needed.
6.DHCP __________ are additional client-configuration parameters that a DHCP server can assign when serving leases to DHCP clients.
9.This defines the duration for which a DHCP server assigns an IP address to a DHCP client.
10.A DHCP ___________ determines which IP addresses are allocated to clients.
11.A DHCP ____________ is a computer that provides DHCP configuration information to multiple clients.
1.Once a DHCP scope is defined and exclusion ranges are applied, the remaining addresses form what is called an available ____________ _________ within the scope.
2.A DHCP _______________ is an administrative grouping of scopes that is used to support multinets, or multiple logical subnets (subdivisions of an IP network) on a single network segment (a portion of the IP internetwork bounded by IP routers).
4.Network administrators can use DHCP _____________ for DHCP-enabled hosts that need to have static IP addresses on your network.
7.____________ messages are generally limited to the subnet in which they originate and are not forwarded to other subnets.
8.A DHCP _____________ is a computer that obtains its configuration information from DHCP.

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