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Configure and Manage the DNS Server Role

B. Scales

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1.A DNS ___________ is a hierarchical, tree-structured list of DNS host names, starting at an unnamed root that is used for all DNS operations.
3._____________ name servers have been configured with one or more primary DNS zones.
7.A ______________ is a DNS server on a network used to forward DNS queries for external DNS names to DNS servers outside of that network.
10.DNS servers resolve DNS queries using local ___________ or cached data.
12.Before DNS, name resolution was handled through the use of text files called ________ files that were stored locally on each computer.
14.A server is said to be __________ for a particular zone if it hosts a primary or secondary zone for a particular DNS domain.
15.You can use the ____________ command-line tool to perform most of the tasks that you can do from the DNS console.
16.A _________ is a collection of host name–to–IP address mappings for hosts in a contiguous portion of the DNS namespace.
2.Before you can use DNS Server Role, you must install it with ___________ ___________ .
4.An incremental zone transfer (called an ________), in which only changed information is transmitted after an initial AXFR, in order to cut down on bandwidth usage between.
5.A zone transfer can be a full zone transfer (called an ________), in which the entire contents of the zone is copied from the primary server to the secondary server during each zone transfer.
6.____________ __________ servers do not host any zones and are not authoritative for any domain.
8.The DNS Server service must be configured with ________ _________ to resolve queries for names that it is not authoritative for or for which it contains no delegations.
9.Information from a primary zone is transmitted to a secondary zone by performing a ________ ________-, which is done by copying the zone file from the primary server to a secondary server.
11.At the top of the Internet DNS namespace is the _________ ___________.
13.A _______ _________ is a copy of a zone that contains only those resource records necessary to identify the authoritative DNS servers for that zone.

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