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International Business

Trezmaine Williams

3                     4    
8           9                                  

2.A government's establishment of economic policies that systematically restrict imports in order to protect domestic industries
3.A European Trading Bloc. Created to esatblish free trade among the members nations, as well as a single European currency
6.limits either the quanity or the monetary value of a product that may be imported
8.A coalition of nations that make rules governing international trade
10.commercial exchange between nations that is conducted on a free market principles, without restrictive regulations
11.a total ban of on specific goods coming and leaving a country
1.An International trade agreement among the US, Canada, and Mexico to get rid of all trade barriersand investment restrictions
3.goods and services sold to other countries
4.the exchange of goods and services
5.the difference between value between exports and imports in a nation
7.goods and services purchased from other countries
9.a tax on imports

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