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1 2 3     4       5 6           7
      9                     10    
12           13                       14
15 16       17 18             19                  
      21 22            
    24 25   26          
31   32 33              
35             36              
  38       39                               40    
        41           42   43    
45             46          
47   48                   49            

2.pi times _______ = circumference
6.I mean "per 100"
9.I am the distance around a circle.
12.I am a number with only two factors.
13.The distance around an object.
15.Another word for width.
18.I am a movement in geometry.
20.I am the number being multiplied when using exponents.
22.I am a two letter word that means to multiply.
23.3 and -3 are called _________.
26.I am the abbreviation for the largest factor that will go into two or more numbers.
27.When finding area, the base and height must always be two ____________ lines.
28.This means to engrave or draw.
29.I am the image after a transformation.
33.I am the longest chord and cross through the center of the circle.
35.In this quadrant, both coordinates are negative.
36.I am the image before a transformation.
38.I am the principle that allows you to find combinations using simple multiplication.
40.When finding the area of a triangle, I must divide by this number.
41.I am a number with a value greater than zero.
43.I am divisible by _____ if I am an even number.
45.The amount of space an object takes up.
46.I connect two arcs of a circle.
47.In algebra, when two sides are unequal, they are called ____________.
49.I am another name for the exponent 2.
51.I am the abbreviation of the "order of operations."
52.An ____________ operation is what I use to solve equations.
53.I am the vertical axis.
54.In this quadrant, x is positive and y is negative.
55.I am the horizontal axis.
1.I am divible by _________ if the sum of my digits is equal to a multiple of three.
3.These are whole numbers that include negative numbers.
4.In algebra, I am operations, variables, and numbers.
5.I am the abbreviation for the smallest common multiple of two or more numbers.
6.I am a combination in which number order matters.
7.When estimating with circles, I can use ________ instead of pi.
8.I am the process of using powers of 10 to write big numbers.
10.I am a list of all the different choices you can make.
11.I have the coordinates (0,0).
14.I am divisible by ______ if I end in a five or zero.
16.We represent repeated multiplication of the same number.
17.I am divible by ______ if I end in a zero.
19.I am a comparison of two things and written witha colon.
20.Another word for length.
21.To find the percent of a whole number, I need to change it to a __________.
24.I am another name for the exponent 3.
25.This is the process by which composite numbers are broken down to all primes.
30.I am a number with a value less than zero.
31.In this quadrant, both coordinates are positive.
32.This means that more than one object lays on top of other objects.
35.I am a slide.
37.I am a flip or a mirror image.
39.I am another word for estimate.
40.In this quadrant, x is negative and y is positive.
42.A letter that takes the place of a missing number is called a ____________.
43.I am the only even prime number.
44.I am a turn.
48.In algebra, I am operations, variables, and numbers followed by an equal sign.
50.I always start from the center of the circle and am half the length of the diameter.

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