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Network Fundamentals

Blake Louise Cunningham

Lesson 24-Network Fundamentals

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7.junction where information arrives from connected computers
8.DSL-internet connection that connects through a given phone line.
10.a computer that uses the services of another program.
11.device on the network
12.expert computer user who invades someone eles computer either for personal gain or simply the satisfactrion of being able to do it.
13.Biometric security measures A technique.
14.server that acts as a intermedian between a user and the internet
15.combination of hardware and software that creates a buffer between an internal network
17.device that directs traffic on a network by dividing data
19.communications hardware device that facilitates the transmission data.
20.computer architecture
1.link from one computer to another which data can be transmittted.
2.the world collection of interconnected commercial governent.
3.series of connected personal computers
4.a device that uses coaxial cable to send and recieve data.
5.the largest network used as a communication tool
6.network designed for the exclusive use of computers
9.computer configuration in which one or more computers on the network acts as a server.
16.network configuration that allows selected outside organizations to access internal information system.
18.computer that handles request for data.

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