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Water Quality: Stewardship - it's up to you!

The Mad Scientist

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    3 4
6     7                      

6.This gas is essential for organisms to live in water. (2 Words)
8.These will die when there is insufficient dissolved oxygen in the water.
9.A high level of this makes the Cape Fear River brown.
10.Too much nitrates & phosphates help this take over ponds & lakes.
11.I can point to the factory polluting my river. (3 Words)
1.This pollution in my river comes from too many sources to point to. (4 Words)
2.A high reading on this scale indicates algae growth (11-14) (2 Words)
3.When we take care of our water, we are practicing this.
4.When it rains, this ends up in the Cape Fear River
5.This temperature water holds more DO.
7.These remote sensing devices orbit Earth can measure water temperature & turbidity.

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