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TECA 1354 Chapters 7-11

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2.occur towards the morning and are oftern caused by staying up too late.
8.Piaget's term for reproduction of an observed behavior after the passage of time by calling up a stored symbol of it. (2 Words)
11.wake up abruptly earlyin the night in a state of agitation (2 Words)
12.Unfolding of a universal natural sequence of physical and behavioral changes.
14.Piaget's term for an inability to consider another person's point of view; a characteristic of young children's thought.
18.Appropriateness of environ-mental demands and constraints to a child's temperament. (3 Words)
19.Physical skills that involve the large muscles. (2 Words)
21.Characteristic disposition or style of approaching and reacting to situations.
22.Elkind's term for observer who exists only in an adolescent's mind and is as concerned with the adolescent's thoughts and actions as the adolescent is. (2 Words)
23.Repeated urination in clothing or in bed.
24.Talking aloud to oneself with no intent to communicate with others. (2 Words)
1.Motivation to help others without expectation of reward; may involve self-denial or self-sacrifice.
3.Piaget's term for a preoperational child's failure to understand that an operation can go in two or more directions.
4.psychosocial theorist
5.Physical skills that involve the small muscles and eye-hand coordination. (2 Words)
6.Single word that conveys a complete thought.
7.Proportion of babies born alive who die within the 1st year. (3 Words)
9.Psychometric tests that seek to measure intelligence by comparing a test-taker's performance with standardized norms. (2 Words)
10.Awareness and understanding of mental processes. (3 Words)
13.Piaget's term for the understanding that a person or object still exists when out of sight. (2 Words)
15.Piaget's term for awareness that two objects that are equal according to a certain measure remain equal in the face of perceptual alteration so long as nothing has been added to or taken away from either object.
16.total picture of our ability and traits (2 Words)
17.cognitive stage theorist
20.Extreme overweight in relation to age, sex, height, and body type.

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