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Child care job titles


desriptions of child care jobs

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1.The first teacher a child will ever have in school (2 Words)
4.A doctor who focuses of childrens nutrition (2 Words)
12.A doctor who focuses on childrens mental health (2 Words)
14.Usually a live-in caregiver
15.Someone who owns a store specializing in children's clothing. (5 Words)
16.The orginisation who is responsible for making sure children are in good homes (3 Words)
17.Someone who works the rides at a fair (3 Words)
18.someone who is responsible for transporting children to school (2 Words)
19.Someone who helps deliver babies and guides the mom through pregnancy
20.A teacher who teaches high school students (2 Words)
2.Someone who writes books for children (4 Words)
3.Someone who works trying to make television shows for children (3 Words)
5.A doctor who specializes in dental care for children (2 Words)
6.Phone numbers who children can call if they need help (2 Words)
7.A doctor who specializes in the general healthcare of children (2 Words)
8.Someone who writes textbooks for children (2 Words)
9.A place where homeless people can go to get on their feet again (2 Words)
10.Someone who works in a daycare who starts teaching children at an early age (3 Words)
11.nurse who works in the childrens ward (2 Words)
13.Someone who runs parenting programs to help parens learn good ways to parent. (2 Words)

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